About Us

Finfi is an on demand delivery super app, that will enable the users to fulfill a plethora of needs that might be a part of their daily life.

Running any little errand can be quite the task in a booming city like Kochi. The thought of sitting through hours of traffic wasting valuable time just to pick up that bag of milk can be very discouraging. But, fret not. We are here to change your life forever. We give you, Finfi, an app that links you to the nearest delivery agent who can make purchases, send important documents to your associates, or even deliver medicines to your parents living in the other part of the city. Finfi is your one-stop solution to run any errand of your choice! Your wish is our command.


Finfi as you will get to experience is designed as an on-demand delivery super app that will enable the users to fulfil numerous needs that they may face as a part of their daily life. The idea is to provide a wholesome experience of meeting diverse needs on a single platform in a hassle-free manner. Time is at a premium for all and the growing traffic jams and fuel costs will make life difficult in the days to come so the best you can do is switch to smarter solutions like Finfi which will be like a friend by your side when you are in need.
Out of the nine categories that the app currently offers, the one that might be a life changer for many will be subscription. This would enable the user to schedule the date, quantity time of delivery etc and even pause and reschedule the subscribed product according to his convenience. It will be a rarity to find a product you consume everyday reach you at the expected time at a delivery charge of just Rs 2/-.


The mission is to build an e-commerce platform to bridge the gap between online market and the local traders. The idea is to become the first and foremost choice in the e-commerce market and the most preferred e-commerce destination from the limited options that are at present available to cater to the burgeoning needs of consumers that they face daily. To provide the best service to the customer and a keep a close watch on their requirements so that the solutions to them are ready to address their needs.

“move less do more”

There’s quite a difference between walking on your feet and navigating through heavy traffic to run errands on a daily basis. We enable you to beat the traffic and do anything by sitting wherever you are and you can do a lot more like buying all the goods you need, find more time to spend with your loved ones and forget not you’ll really cut your travel expenses short. That’s how you can move less and do more.

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Finfi is now available in both Play store and Appstore